I have known Steve Vinje and used his services for over a dozen years. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a professional tax preparer. His specialty is expatriate tax, but he is equally adept at providing strictly domestic tax services. He takes pains to gather all data, and he examines every aspect of an individual’s financial affairs to determine the optimal tax positions. Steve complements his exemplary professional service with his affable and always cheerful demeanor. It is a pleasure as well as a financial benefit to work with Steve. I have had Steve prepare not only my taxes, but those of my extended family as well – always to the taxpayer’s benefit. I have recommended Steve to my friends with strong endorsements. He should be any taxpayers first choice, whether an expatriate or not.
Geoff Davis
Reston, VA
Steven Vinje has been my tax attorney and tax accountant for about the past twenty five years. Within this period, he had occasion to represent me to the IRS at least three times, where faulty information had been reported to the government. All of these problems were resolved with success within a reasonable time period. Steven also has consistently provided sound tax advice to my wife and me, I can recommend him to you as your tax attorney, without any reservations.
Donn R Davis
Seattle Washington
To anyone looking for a first rate specialist in tax preparation for expatriates, I cannot recommend Steven Vinje highly enough. He has been doing my taxes for over ten years accurately, reliably, promptly, and with painstaking attention to detail. Occasionally I send Steve a question that I am sure will stump him, but he always replies with a helpful and lucid answer. For anyone wondering if it is cost effective to have an expert do your expatriate taxes, I say “yes,” without reservations. It pays for itself many times over, all the more so if your taxes are prepared by Steve. I have recommended him to colleagues and friends, and I will continue to do so – enthusiastically.
Steven Vinje has prepared my tax filings for many years. He is always complete, punctual and reliable.
H.R., Green Card Holder
My wife and I have used Steven Vinje tax services for more than 20 years and we have had a great experience all these years. Steve is a wonderful person to work with and we are proud to introduce him to anyone because we are confident they will have the same experience as us!
HH Yeoh
San Francisco
Within a short period of time I was able to relax with confidence due to Steven K. Vinje’s calm understanding, affordability, and most importantly his exceptional level of expertise. I would highly recommend Steven K. Vinje (Attorney-At-Law, specializing in expatriate tax) to all who are concerned about their U.S. tax obligations living and working abroad.
Baden, Switzerland
I have had the pleasure of Steven Vinje’s services in preparing all my U.S. and International tax matters over several years. I have found him to be very thorough, strategic, highly knowledgeable on multiple topics and is a possibility thinker. He is an utmost pleasure to deal with and I only ever recommend to him my best clients.
Paul B.
Dubai, U.A.E
Steve is extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of taxation for Expats and always able to answer any questions that I’ve had.